Jacob's Toys

Claudia Woods

First to flee were Ted and Dupree, then Tessa Turtle, Poncho and Mousy Dundee. Not far behind was the smallest of all, the teeny tiny reindeer that Jacob called Paul.

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Jacob's Toys



First to flee were Ted and Dupree, then Tessa Turtle, Poncho and Mousy Dundee. Not far behind was the smallest of all, the teeny tiny reindeer that Jacob called Paul.

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You're never too old for your friends.

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About The Author


Claudia first became interested in writing and illustrating children's stories whilst studying Primary education at university. For the past nine years she has worked as an Early Childhood Educator...

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Catherine Wall

This book has quickly become one of my preschool class's favourite. When I first read it I asked the children to tell me if they thought it was good . They were captivated by the story and the beautiful illustrations and when finished I asked what they thought. One child responded, " it wasn't good, it was brilliant !"
We are all looking forward to Claudia's next book !

Dehann Richardson

This is a wonderful book! My children love the story and imagining that their own toys go on similar adventures. I would recommend Jacobs Toys to everyone.


Just received mine in the mail and it didn't disappoint.
I love the imagery, such a brilliant way to illustrate!
The wording in rhyme and print is terrific too, with font and color matching the meaning and getting kids (and adults) thinking more about how to read it aloud :)
The bug search game, the books size and the paper feel just round it all off as a perfect addition to the book shelf!
Cant wait to share this with my littlest nephews!
Congratulation Claudia...will be looking out for your next book!


A lovely read which engages young and old- no matter your reading ability, the kids will be captivated by the characters and their tales...as will the adults trying to find the hidden items. Timeless!

Caris Abbott

What a delightful story, well told with beautiful illustrations. Bought to read to my nephews (6,4 and twin 2 year olds), they were raptured with the melody of the story. We all loved chiming in with “a teeny tiny reindeer that Jacob called Paul”. Even my husband enjoyed reading the story with a big smile on his face! It’s so important that children’s books are easy to read for adults as well, it makes the experience even more enjoyable. A lovely story about friendship and never being too old for the things you love most!

Joshua Collins

This is an absolutely magical book that my daughter loves and I enjoy reading to her. I would recommend it to anyone. Jacobs Toys is a very valued book in our collection.


What an adorable book! I am a kindy teacher and it has become a class favourite! They love finding the hidden creatures on each page and i even used this to teach alliteration. The illustrations bring the relatable story to life. Our librarian also fell in love with it and has bought a few copies for our library!

James Hill

Purchased this book as a gift for my niece (7) and nephew (5), I read it to them last night for the first time and they LOVED it - as did I. My neice was singing "the teeny-tiny reindeer that Jacob called Paul" in unison from page 2 and my nephew was completely immersed in the illustrations and bonus bug hunt.

Sue gearie

I love this book.The rhythm and rhyme of the language takes us on a ride with Jacob's Toy as they spin, fly, bump and float through a magical adventure. Already the children are singing on unison" PAUL! "

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