Christmas Gift Guide 2018

01 January 1970

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your book-loving friends and family? Or a secret Santa present that won’t be regifted? Stop stressing – we’ve compiled the HPH Christmas Gift Guide to solve your worries!

For the Aussie bloke:

Casinos, racehorses and a missing millionaire set the scene for Brad Franklin’s latest Aussie adventure Billion Dollar Bill. Franklin’s Aussie humour will have readers smirking from page one. The perfect read for the typical Aussie bloke.

For the inventive young dreamer:

Let their imagination run wild whilst reading The Institute of Fantastical Inventions, which follows the life of Leo McGuffin who works at the institute creating whacky inventions to help his customer’s weird wishes come true. Kids will love dreaming up their own inventions too!

For the organised perfectionist:

A bullet journal combines a diary, planner and journal into one – allowing even the busiest person to easily organise their time! In our Being bullet journals the structure is already set out, but still giving you enough space to personalise the pages to suit your schedule.

For picture book lovers of all ages:

The Story of Eva Carmichael: The Wreck of the Loch Ard is the latest release from the ingenious pairing of Gary Crew and Paul O’Sullivan. Intricate illustrations paint the scene of this historic Australian tragedy, and Crew’s enthralling retelling from the perspective of Eva transport the reader back in time.

For YA fans looking for their next favourite fantasy series:

Venture into The Fray and discover another world filled with strange creatures, sword fighting and a society in need of saving from a tyrannical queen. Whilst under investigation, army captain Fallon Parker is taken back to her birth world where she questions everything she was. Will she survive the rebellion that she was brought back to lead?

For the grandkids:

Di Morrissey is famous for her Australiana novels, and now you can share her stories with the next generation through her picture book series. Filled with beautiful illustrations from South Coast artist Julie Sydenham, these heart-warming books are a perfect bedtime read to share.

For the literature lovers:

Welcome to the weird & wonderful world of contemporary art, where three disenfranchised generations of the Paumen family secretly enter against each other in a national art prize. Finding themselves tangled within an art fraud, this witty portrayal of family rivalry reveals the underbelly of the art world in all its ugly, and hilarious, glory.

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