One of my Heroes, Chelsea Boulding

15 September 2015

This is the moment when Chelsea Boulding first got a look at a finished copy of Oceans Around Australia, which she has written, and has been beautifully illustrated by Julie Sydenham.

We fast tracked a box of 50 copies in just for this moment - the look of joy on Chelsea's face and what happened over the next hour or so with Jason Roses auctioning the first copy for $650.00 will be etched into the memories of the 500 people there to witness this moment in time. Chelsea and Julie managed to get a quiet moment and finally Chelsea had the chance to read her book. What happened next fuels my cold hot fire to strive and lingers upon my memory... I believe we should be inspired by those that surround us in our communities and Chelsea once again you reinforce that belief. The book will make its way out to bookshops around Australia over the coming days. - Gaz

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