New Horizons

27 May 2015

After what seems an eon we have finally found our home.

The wonderful folks at New Holland have come onboard to distribute list & our titles will be distributed out of UBD (once again as good as we could want for). Thank you to Fiona Schultz and all her team at NH for taking our little house on with such enthusiasm. We have certainly been on the most interesting of rides & I always make sure we pause once in a while to view the horizon and glimpse the wonderful unseen places we have yet to explore. We will have 75% to 80% children's list across most genres with enough space to still suit our eclectic nature for the odd cookbook etc. Between August and October we will bring 10 books to the market & reintroduce the 4 we released at Christmas 2014. Please welcome in release order:

  • Gary Crew & Paul O'Sullivan with the Visions of Ichabod X.
  • Ron Thomas with Solly's Way.
  • Peter Sykes with Wolf Boy.
  • Chelsea Boulding & Julie Sydenham with Oceans around Australia.
  • Judith Caton & Richard Hardwick with Field Guide to Native Plants of Temperate Australia.
  • Damian de Montemas & Patricia Ward with Nancy.
  • Di Morrissey & Julie Sydenham with Everton & Will.
  • Tim Harris with Exploding Endings Book One: Painted Dogs and Doom Cakes.
  • Nikki Wright with Alice in Wonderland: Celebrate Colouring Book Classics.
  • Hayden Bridger with Home Cooking with Hayden.

For those that visit once in a while I will share the what is happening in the house & perhaps you will hear from the team once in a while. As always for Michelle who my world revolves around! Cheers - Gaz

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Paul OSullivan

Working with you Garry has been one of the greatest 'Mountain top' experiences of my entire life. You have fulfilled for me a life times dream...words will never fully express the deep sense of gratitude I have to you and your team

Tim Harris

Just so excited to be sharing this journey with a wonderful bunch of people. I would never have eaten rabbit if not for this adventure...

Di Morrissey

Gaz you're the greatest! Love you and the team's enthusiasm and passion... plus a pause to play now and then. Love your work!!!

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