Marita Smith

For Marita, science is a lens with which to view the world!

Marita Smith is the eldest of five and loves overalls, naps, and medjool dates. Torn between her two loves of ancient history and science, she completed a PhB (Hons) in Science at the Australian National University, merging her love of both in the form of paleobiogeochemistry.

After a stint as a researcher in the Netherlands, she disappeared for a few years to work on small farms in Europe and start her own gourmet mushroom farm on the NSW South Coast. When she’s not in the laboratory or hunting down wild mushrooms to cultivate, she edits academic manuscripts and PhD theses and writes young adult science fiction in her tent amongst the trees.

Marita is passionate about the environment, science, and LGBTQIA+ representation. As a total gay-mo, she’s pretty stoked to be writing diverse young adult fiction. Book 1 'Convergence' and book 2 'Emergence' of her debut series, 'Kindred Ties', are available now!

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Emergence (Kindred Ties: Book Two)

The fight for order has only just begun… Fletcher, Ariana and Eli are walkers: carriers of a rare gene that enables them to communicate with animals and bridge our world and the spirit world. It is up to them to avert a catastrophic solar storm that threatens to release a dangerous dark spirit. Yet they’re hunted by a powerful genetics organisation, the MRI, which will stop at nothing to control their powers.

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Jochen Brocks

Dear Marita, what you do now is so cool, I am in awe.
Your old Honours supervisor, Jochen

Ulrike Mathesius

Dear Marita,

a colleague of mine just found your book at Ulladulla and as the current PhB convenor at the ANU I was wondering if you were interested in giving a seminar about your career for our current PhB students and/or for the Research School of Biology? We would be very happy to cover your costs to come to Canberra and for your accommodation. Please let me know what you think.

Best wishes from Canberra,

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