With a lifetime spent immersed in the written word as an editor, it is delightful finally to return to the world of writing.

As I young child I wrote long, rambling stories filled with enough detail to send anyone to sleep! In those halcyon days there seemed to be endless time for lying on the grass to watch clouds float by, to imagine and ponder. When I was a little older, I realised I’d need to refine my writing technique if I wanted anyone to read my work. But somehow life got in the way and I did very little creative writing as a young adult.

Circumstances led me into book publishing and I worked my way up from junior book editor to senior commissioning editor for a multinational company. I was exposed to a variety of writing, both fiction and non-fiction, and enjoyed helping authors shape their work. It was also great fun to go out looking for new writers and be part of their projects from the outset.

Eventually I left the city and settled near Milton. A friend invited me to join a children’s writing group and that proved inspirational. So, after many years of editing other authors’ work, I have stepped boldly back into the world of writing. My first children’s picture book is Harmony Loves to Sing, illustrated by Julie Sydenham. Julie and I plan to repeat what was a wonderful collaborative experience.

I’ve lived and worked on the South Coast of NSW, Australia, for around ten years now. I love the strong and supportive community here, as well as the amazing natural beauty. And I find this place to be ideal for creative writing.