Laura Pavy

Laura is a crochet pattern developer, craft lover and blogger. With an obsession for creating new designs she is a welcome addition to the house.

I am a 30 something mother of four who grew up on the outskirts of Sydney NSW. Despite a deep love for mathematics, art, science and technology, I dropped out of a poorly performing high school for an education in the trades. I became a hairdresser, which logically speaking was perfect! Creativity, science and mathematics all played a major role in my vocation and I enjoyed it immensely for thirteen years during which time I took short breaks to backpack around Australia and Europe.

Later, after my son arrived, life took on a different pace. I went back to study. Disappointed with the level of skill of newer apprentices, I wanted to teach my trade to the next generation. I never did get that teaching job – “not enough wrinkles” they said. Instead, I was offered a position with a company developing vocational education textbooks!

These days, as a self confessed yarn-a-holic, I would love to say that I learnt the most valuable crafting lessons as a youngster, but sadly it is not so. True, my grandmother tried to teach me how to knit when I was eight, but I failed miserably! Frustrated, she eventually gave up and taught me to crochet; something that she called “poor man’s knitting”. Though our family had long since fallen from the upper echelons of polite society; the 200 year old perception that crochet -while valuable and highly sort after by the rich - was a craft that belonged to those left destitute by the Irish famine, was still firmly embedded in her psyche. I managed the basics, but crochet fell by the wayside when teenage delights, revelry and rebellion kicked in.
I toyed with the art form intermittently throughout my early twenties and it was not until I was pregnant with my second child that I managed to complete a large project. While pregnant with my third child in 2011, circumstances led me into designing crochet patterns for premature and micro-preemie babies which quickly led into other areas of crochet. This is where the REAL passion for crochet truly began, and the most valuable lessons in crafting and in life were learnt.

I learnt that the worldwide community of crafters – no matter which art form they chose, have hearts of gold.
I learnt that no matter who has taken the time to hand craft an object, or what their skill level is, every item is made with love.
I learnt that there is a thirst for a better insight into the art of crochet and for fresh designs to play with.
I also learnt that I have an almost feverish obsession for creating new designs inspired by old crafts, and that I love to share them with a magnificent group of people who use them to lovingly construct heirlooms.
I discovered that though life can throw challenging curveballs, those curves can be unimaginably life changing, often in the greatest of ways. I am blessed. My new dream allowed the skills that I had practiced during the previous 15 years of my life to be put to good use in a way that I adore, while still being able to care for my family.

A wish that I bestow upon all people – the ability to chase the only thing that is truly yours.
A dream.

I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I do.
With love... Laura

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An Ant called Abby

Abby the ant is a sweet, shy and playful young rainbow ant. Abby will keep you and your loved ones amused for hours with her beautiful eyes and posable limbs.

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Perla Kotoyan

You are so talented and your work is absolutely beautiful.....Bravo


I think you are a loverly person. You have helped me rekindle my desire to challenge myself.

Sheila Lawson

Laura, Thanks for all the gorgeous things you've produced--and keep inventing. I'm a fellow color Nazi (painted one bedroom Outrageous Green), and am addicted to crochet. I call it my D.O.C.--drug of choice. I too failed (4x) at knitting, but am happy with a hook and some yarn. Keep dreaming up beautiful and cute things, and God bless you! Sheila in Walla Walla, WA USA.


Beautiful... You keep following those Dreams & Keep them close. All the very very Best... there is nothing like a Dream coming true & to fruition, now to move onto your next Dream...

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