I cant remember the first book I read, but I’m pretty sure it must have been something by Enid Blyton, “The Magic Faraway Tree” maybe, one of the greatest children’s books ever written.

Mum kept me in a constant supply of Enid Blyton books and Dad would read me the short stories and poems of Henry Lawson, “The Loaded Dog” is still one of my favourite stories. The books of Dr Seuss, ‘The Digging Dog’ by Al Perkins, the beautiful imagination of Roald Dahl, all appealed to me so much. Books written for children but slightly, or not so slightly left of centre books that are engaging for adults and children alike.

I kind of feel sorry for young kids these days that read most of their books on a computer screen. Missing the smell of a new book, the sound of pages turning, the feel of a book in their hands. Reading a great story is way more memorable when it’s a tactile experience. That being said….. aren’t eBooks just wonderful haha!

I love writing short stories. I never actually set out to make them rhyming but they always seem to end up that way, sometimes I think it makes it easier, sometimes not. I guess it’s a result of all the books I’ve read over my life. Having my short stories illustrated by my good friend and ridiculously talented artist, Patricia Ward is a dream come true, and having them published by an independent publishing house in Mollymook/Ulladulla seems right too. I’ve lived pretty much all over Australia, but the one constant has been Mollymook, it is in many ways our spiritual home. I’ve been coming here for Christmas holidays for as long as I can remember. Certainly back when the creek ran the length of North Mollymook beach anyway, before it was diverted, thus ruining one of the most beautiful beaches in the world….but I digress.

I’ve always written with children in mind, I guess because as a child myself I loved the worlds that books drew me, seemingly effortlessly, into. Now I’m a father myself I write very much with my own children in mind. What would I like to read to them? What would they like to be read!? Hopefully children everywhere like reading my stories or like hearing my stories read to them, the illustrations are certainly beautiful, hopefully the words are too.