Brad Franklin

Brad has probably read more books than he’s had hot dinners. So it’s about time he gave something back.

Brad Franklin is a finance industry specialist with a long-held fascination for everything except the finance industry.
(He hopes his boss does not read this).
His reading is diverse, from crime thrillers and action novels to humour, history and current affairs.
He’s a sports nut who has participated in rugby, golf, sailing, surf lifesaving and snow skiing. Everything else he watches on television.
Born and raised in South East Queensland, Brad lives in Sydney with his wife Cheryl and a spoilt schnauzer named Marli.

Latest release by this artist...

Billion Dollar Bill

Jase Callaghan has got it made. Between dating hot copper Sabina ‘the Bod’ Bodanski and a top gig working for casino legend Kevin Honan, life is pretty sweet. Until well-known entrepreneur and conman William Sorley, aka Billion Dollar Bill, disappears off Manly Beach presumed taken by a shark. Billion Dollar Bill has conveniently gone missing owing millions of dollars, not to mention the small matter of an entire stud of racehorses vanishing into thin air.

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