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Sunny Daze

Sunny Daze

By Laura Pavy

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Sunny Daze Tunisian Entrelac includes patterns for a Blanket, Pillow and the now Infamous Tyre Cover.

Sunny Daze Tunisian Entrelac includes patterns for a Blanket, Pillow and the now Infamous Tyre Cover.

Thinking outside of the entrelac box;
Tunisian crochet is an exciting technique that is considered by many to be a hybrid of knitting and crochet. The distinctive fabric created by this technique looks almost woven instead of either knitted or crocheted.

Entrelac is a technique typically used to create a textured diamond (or square) pattern in two or more colors. Being a lover of Motif designs, with a severe aversion to both weaving in ends and sewing motifs together, entrelac gives me a reprieve from both. While the technique appears to be a complicated mess of sewing, joining and seam matching frustration, the actual material comprises of interconnected squares with NO SEAMS required!

This design is rated EASY to INTERMEDIATE; is worked only in Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) and is suitable for the crafter who has tried entrelac crochet before and is ready to expand their skills.



How difficult would it be for someone who has never tried entrelac crochet before? It's been a long time since I did anything with tunisian stitch. "Laura replied" Not terribly difficult. One of my testers had never tried entrelac before, and with a little help, she managed to get it done. :) Pattern support is always available at www.facebook.com/TheCrochetCase All you need to do is send Laura a message!

carolan collier

That is amazing. Must get the pattern and make it, can't wait!

Jessica Oliveira

Laura, your work is just gorgeous.

Mary Doukakis

You know Laura, I've always admired your work but you've absolutely outdone yourself with this flawless, precise design. I even like the name Sunny Daze! Can't wait to get started!


Laura you is simple the best crochet happy, not speak ingles kises.

marlene egan-lee

beautiful would love to do this

Sharon Hafford

I absolutely love this afghan and plan to learn the Tunisian stitch just so I can make one for my own in the foreseeable future!!!

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Sunny Daze

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